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Happy Gas

Does your heart start beating out of your chest at the mere mention of the word, “dentist”? Does the thought of sitting in a dental chair cause you to break out in a sweat and start gasping for air? Have you neglected your dental health for years because of this fear? Have you kept your kids away from the dentist because of this fear?

Woman sitting in a Dentist's waiting room looking anxious

With Happy Gas available,  there’s no need to be anxious about your dental procedure.

Today’s dentistry is very different.

Imagine lying back, watching your favourite TV show or listening to your favourite band, and all while “floating on the clouds”? Might even be better than Gold Class! Happy gas makes this elating feeling possible.

With Happy Gas, you don’t go to sleep (so you’re still in full control), but you sure feel like you’ve had a few glasses of red wine! It just helps to take the edge off things. And for kids – well, you’ll probably be surprised at how quiet and compliant they become!

How does Happy Gas work?

Happy Gas is a safe mixture of nitrous and oxygen gas. Unlike taking medications, the Happy Gas starts working as soon as you take a few deep breaths through a special mask fitted over your nose. We then dial the gas up or down to get you to your “happy place”.

When the appointment is over, the mask will be removed. Within minutes, you’ll have breathed the Happy Gas out of your system – so can even drive home! Imagine that, sedation without leaving you drowsy or disrupting your day!
Trust us when we say, “You’ll love it here!”

Want to try Happy Gas?

Please give us a call to reserve your Happy Gas service!

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