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New Solutions to an Old Problem – Dentures

So… you have a missing tooth and you’ve decided you’re ready to do something about it! A dental bridge or a dental implant is worth considering, but there are other alternatives as well.

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Today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural looking. No one will even be able to tell that they’re not your “real” teeth!

A visit to Flagsmile Dental will help you to evaluate the solution that works best for your situation… and your budget! Give us a call and we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss solutions to your “open space” problem!

Traditional Dentures Can Replace Full or Partial Tooth Loss

Although they’ve been around for ages, today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural looking. Today’s dentures can even be made to fit over dental implants.

There are basically two types of dentures.

  • Full Dentures that replaces all your teeth
  • Partial Dentures that replaces several missing teeth

Dentures require healthy gums. Partial Dentures also require the remaining teeth to be strong enough to anchor the false teeth in place. Getting a proper assessment and any necessary treatment prior to getting the dentures means that they will fit better, be more comfortable to chew, and look better.
Even if tooth removal is required, a temporary denture can be made beforehand to prevent the “gummy” look while your gums are still healing.

Are your old dentures losing their “grip”?

Dentures need TLC too! Loose dentures can mean awkward laughs, avoiding certain foods, and bad breath. When the gum changes shape over time, it’s natural for the dentures to not fit as well as they when you first got them. If the problem is caught early, dentures may be modified with a reline procedure to “fill in the voids” under the gum. Alternatively, it may be time to freshen up with a new denture that rejuvenates your smile.

Ready to Discuss Dentures?

If you’re ready to discuss dentures, then so are we. Of course there may be other options available as well, but we won’t know for sure until we see you! So give Flagsmile Dental a call to schedule an examination and consultation. Don’t you agree it’s about time?

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